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Unused spare plug in digital control unit for Cummins generators

Power command unit 3100

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The PowerCommand® 3100 Control is a microprocessor based generator set monitoring, metering and control system. The control provides an operator interface to the genset, digital voltage regulation, digital governing and generator set protective functions. The integration of all the functions into a single control system provides enhanced reliability and performance compared to conventional control systems.

The PowerCommand control is designed for mounting on the generator set and is suitable for use on generator sets ranging in size from approximately 20 kW to 4000 kW.
They will directly read AC voltages up to 600 VAC and can be configured for any frequency, voltage and power connection configuration from 120 to 13,800 VAC. The control offers a wide range of standard control and digital display features so custom control configurations are not needed to meet application requirements.

Digital governing and voltage regulation – Including
digital over current fault regulation.

Digital paralleling controls – Including synchronizing, load sharing, import/export controls, and other functions.

AmpSentry™ protective relay – True alternator over current protection.

Analog and digital AC output metering.

Battery monitoring system - Senses and warns against a weak battery condition.

Digital alarm and status message display.

Generator set monitoring - Displays status of all critical engine and alternator generator set functions and includes sensor failure monitoring.

Smart starting control system - Integrated fuel ramping to limit black smoke and frequency overshoot, in addition to optimized cold weather starting.

PowerCommand digital paralleling - Factory kits are available to upgrade standard controls to PowerCommand digital paralleling.

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