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Often there is often a problem providing enough power if stallholders are not given a restriction on the amount of power each stall can use.

For example if each stall holder can have up to 1000w for lighting their stand each 16amp cable could provide 4 stalls with electricity. If you have 40x stalls the maximum power you would require would be 40kva which is a medium sized generator.

Exhibition Distro
twin 13A sockets with 16A in and out

On the other hand if each stallholder brings a fan heater to keep them warm and a kettle to make drinks, you would need to quadruple the number of cables and your generator would need to be 120 kva which is large.

When you sell space I would make sure that it’s made abundantly clear they can only draw for example 4 amps or 1000w, which will run a great deal of lighting and computers, however not much heating. If customers require more power make them pay for it!