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Cee Form Explained! 

If you need water resistant extention leads then you need a water resistant plugs. 

Thank fully there is an international stanard for cables and plugs. This is regulated by IECEE formaly Commission internationale de réglementation en vue de l’approbation de l’équipement électrique. This is a bit of a mouth full so it's been nicknamed CeeForm or Cee Form. 

The Cee standard for plugs is Cee17 as with most things European its be superseded by IEC60309

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating (How water proof) 

The most seen IP ratings for ceeform socket and plug on the market are IP44 splashproof or IP67 watertight. Users can choose either type. The price of IP67 connectors is higher than the price of IP44 connectors.

Colour Coding

To make Life simple most plugs are colour coded as follows:

  • Yellow = 110v (for building sites)
  • Blue = 230v (for powering normal equipment)
  • Red = 410v Three phase 
CeeForm Plug Colours
Ceeform plug sizes


For each colour voltage there are different power ratings as follows

  • 16am
  • 32am
  • 64amp 

Pins and Poles 

A ceeform plug can have as many pins as from 2 to 8, deriving various pin configurations, such as

  • P+N+E (3 pins)
  • 2P+E (3 pins)
  • 3P+E (4 pins)
  • 3P+N+E (5 pins).

 In a pin configuration, the letter “P” refers to pole, N refers to neutral and E refers to ground.