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It does not mater if you are camping in a tent, motor home or caravan there are always times when it would be useful to have a power supply.

A mains hook up is going to be the best solution, however there are many places where it's not available such as when you are wild camping.

Solar power and wind turbines can provide an eco friendly solution as long as you have plenty of time for your batteries to charge up. However even a quite large bank of batteries have a small capacity to store electricity in comparison to the power of a small generator. 

If you are going to run off batteries for any time you must limit the amount of power consumed. If this is not an option then a small generator my be very useful.

Suitcase generators have been developed to cater for this market. They offer a practical solution to providing power. They have been made so they don't make too much noise which is always an issue if you are going to use it late into the evening.

Generally people should chose an generator with an inverter. This is so they provide "clean" electricity for computers and TV's. 

Small suitcase generators (light and easy to move around) are rated about 700w which is equivalent to about 3 amps @ 230v. This will power a small fridge and some lights as well as charge a leisure battery or run a TV, probably not all of them at the same time! However it will not power a kettle or hair dryer. The fuel will last around 4 hours depending on use.

A larger suitcase generator 2.2kw and above (quite heavy when full of fuel) will provide around 9 amps which is enough to power the fridge and lights as well as a small electric oven or low power kettle or travel hair dryer (again not at the same time). The fuel will last around 6 hours depending on use.