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Sold EFOY Pro 800 Duo, 45W Methanol Fuel Cell, 12 or 24VDC. Alternative to Generator - Saffron Walden, Cambridge


The EFOY Pro 800 Duo is a 45W fuel cell operating at 12 or 24VDC.

Using methanol as a fuel the cell produces electricity through an electrochemical reaction. So unlike a standard electricity generator the fuel is not burned, there is little heat produced, no moving parts and very little operating noise.

I am happy to negotiate on price and delivery options so please contact me to discuss this.

EFOY Pro 800 Due Product Description
The Efoy Pro 800 Duo unit uses methanol to produce electricity on demand, this maintains charge in the 80ah battery, so whilst the unit may be utilised for extended periods its run time will be very low as it only operates when the storage battery falls below a predefined voltage. Charging is regulated via the Solarix PRS 3030. Any equipment you link to the package will take power from the battery for constant 12 or 24VDC output. All of this is housed in the Pro Energy Box (4060P). The photos show the component parts of the unit and the whole package deployed to a remote mountain top as we used it to power a VHF repeater.
The Efoy Pro 800 Duo in the Pro Energy Box housing can be combined with additional power generation options such as wind and solar in order to further increase efficiency, reducing run time and methanol usage.

The EFOY Pro 800 Duo is a 45W fuel cell operating at 12 or 24VDC.
The Duo has two fuel hoses that allows up to four fuel cartridges to be connected at one time (using additional Duo Cart Switches).

Weight: 8.3kg
Dimensions: 433 x 188 x 278mm
Power output: 45W
Output voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC
Output current: 1.05A, 2.1A
Noise Level at 7m: 25Db
Warranty period: 2 years, 4500 hours
Fuel: Methanol
Technology: DMFC
This fuel cell was purchased for a remote field project which has now ended hence the sale of this item. In addition to the fuel cell this package includes a Pro Energy Box 4060P, this is a climate controlled housing for the fuel cell which allows it to be installed in almost any environment and to run continuously without being impacted by climatic conditions and without the need for any additional shelter.
This is being sold as a ready to use package - all that is required is methanol and the system will be ready to power your equipment.
I will consider selling the power unit (EFOY Pro 800 Duo) separately from the protective housing (Pro Energy Box), this will significantly reduce the size of the kit.

Please see the website listed below for full details of this unit; www.fuelcellsystems.co.uk/product/efoy-pro-800-duo

The details of the package I am selling are:
Efoy Pro 800 Duo Set
Pro Energy Box 4060P
M28 Adapter (x2)
Battery 12v 80ah
Steca Solarix PRS 3030 charge controller
The Pro Energy Box measures 1085 x 780 x 705mm

This Pro 800 Duo unit has recorded an operating time of only 208 hours and is in excellent condition. In the 208 hours of run time this unit only used approximately 4 litres of methanol.

EFOY Pro 800 Duo User Manual

EFOY Pro 800 Duo Data Sheet

If you have any questions about this item please do not hesitate to get in contact with me and I will be happy to discuss with you.

Delivery notes

I can offer free delivery within 50 miles of Saffron Walden (just south of Cambridge). For further afield I will have to discuss delivery options with you and will do everything I can to make this as cheap as possible but please bear in mind that with the Pro Energy Box this is a large item.

This item is now sold

Price: Sold