Sold Mains Distro 400V 3-Phase Input 400v 3 phase input, 1x 125A & 1x 63A 3ph and 3x 63A 1ph output - Hartlepool


Brand new distro unit.
We stock many of these distro units that we fix onto generators to suit customer requirements.
This unit is fitted into an IP66 steel enclosure with a hinged door, sizes are 600mm H x 400mm W x 155mm D. This unit is designed to give output of 1x 125amp & 1x 63amp 3 phase supply and 3x 63amp 230v sockets from one 400v 3 phase supply. Specification includes:

- Incoming 250A 400v 4 pole isolator with door interlocked rotary handle.

- Outgoing 3x 63A 1P+N+E 230V IP67 panel sockets with power on indicators and 1x 125A/ 1x 63A 3P+N+E 400v IP67 panel socket with power on indicators.

- Outgoing protection each singe phase socket has a 63A 2 pole type "C" MCB + a 40A 2 pole 100mA RCD unit, the 63amp 3 phase socket is protected by a 63amp 4 pole type "C" MCB and the 125amp 3 phase socket is protected by a 125A type "C" MCB

(100Ma RCD can be swapped for a 30mA RCD if required at no extra cost)

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