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Sold 40KW 3 Phase Skid Mounted Generator - Bridgnorth, Shropshire


F.G Wilson 40kw 3 phase generator, low hours (126hrs), very good condition, complete with quick start hot water heater system and residential silent exhaust system. Perkins diesel powered, has had yearly full service. Skid mounted with forklift slots. Integrated diesel tank with guage.

Automatic control system comprising:
a) Set mounted control and instrument cubicle containing voltmeter with phase selection switch, ammeter with phase selection switch, combined tachometer/ frequency meter, water temperature guage, oil pressure guage, battery charging voltmeter, running hours meter, constant voltage static type battery trickle charger.
b) Circuit breaker cubicle (machine mounted) containing suitably rated moulded case circuit breaker.
NOTE: A free standing Antomatic Main Failure AMF panel to go with this gen set is separeatly available (Automatic Mains Failure AMF contactor panel – free standing - containing suitably rated change-over contactors and voltage sensing equipment)
F.G.Wilson model: P50E
Engine: Perkins 1004G, 4 cylinder, water cooled, turbocharged.
Ratings: 40kw, 69.6 amps into 3 phase, 415 /24ov
Weight: 1063 kgs

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Located Bridgnorth, Shropshire

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