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Sold Hyundai DHY6000SE 5.2 KVW Silenced Generator - Sudbury, Suffolk


The DHY6000SE is one of the best selling products in the diesel generator market, providing efficient and reliable standby power to your premises whenever mains power is not available. Powered by a 10hp Hyundai D400 diesel engine, the DHY6000SE can provide 5.2kW of power to your home or business. Fitted with a sophisticated AVR alternator, the DHY6000SE is perfectly safe to use with all of your sensitive electronic equipment, such as televisions, laptops, mobile phone chargers and more.

The DHY6000SE is an electric start diesel generator and is easily started with a turn of a key. It's also ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) compatible and can be connected to an ATS system so that in the event of a mains power failure the generator will automatically start up and provide your premises with power, then turn itself off again when power from the mains is detected. Equipped with a large 16L fuel tank, the DHY6000SE can provide up to 16 hours of run time, using roughly 1 litre of fuel per hour.
This diesel generator can run off red diesel, which is significantly cheaper than the diesel you put in to your car and provides the user with a very economical source of power.

The DHY6000SE is also equipped with some stand out safety features, such as a low oil alert system and automatic engine shut off when the oil is too low. The user can easily keep track of their generator usage via a digital panel which displays the overall running time, digital voltmeter and frequency.

Features & details
Powered by a 10hp Hyundai D400 engine
Produces 5 2kW (6kVA) of clean power
Electric start with added ATS capability
Equipped with a large 16L fuel tank for a long running time.
Product information DHY6000SE
Manufacturer Hyundai
Manufacturer reference DHY6000SE
Product Dimensions 91 x 52 x 69 cm; 152 kg
Shipping Weight 175 kg

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