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For sale 1no Arcgen MVK15 Powermaker towable generator, rated at 15Kva three phase and 12kva single phase/ 115v. This full UK rental spec. machine was built in 2005 and has only done 930 hours. Kubota engine coupled to a multivoltage alternator. Generator is mounted onto a galvanised road tow chassis with ball htich. Output is via a full socket pack protected circuit breaker/ RCD unit. All sockets can be used at the same time up to the maximum rating.
Fully Serviced and load tested
3 months back to base warranty (subject to you standard terms and conditions of warranty)
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£4995 +VAT

Arc-Gen 15kva towable diesel generator
| Ref #: fc2a80949395
Yanmar 4 cylinder 1500 rpm diesel engine with 2286 hours run.
Stamford 20 kva continuous 415/240 volts, 32 amps, 1500 rpm 50 hz.
Supplied with operating manual and certificates.

£3000 +VAT

20kva Super Silent Generator
| Ref #: 61cbbbab733a
For sale 1no Knott Avonride 1800kg gross single axle generator trailer.

Chassis is brand new and has a ball hitch fitted.

Fully road legal with a payload of approx. 1300kg.

Cross members can be adjusted so you can get the perfect nose weight.

Heavy duty jockey wheel, full road lighting and break away cable fitted.

NOTE: Image shows two trailers, this advert is for one unit only.

£1495 +VAT

Knott single axle generator trailer
| Ref #: ce403dd5d767
Yanmar Diesel Generator 2005 20kva with Leroy Sumner alternator fitted towable, well built generator. This is 4 cylinder powerful generator and very economical. This generator comes with many extras, Sockets, emergency stop, oil switch, water temperature switch, fuel and battery switch, battery isolation switch. Looks and runs like new. Only 4000 hours.

Very good and reliable machine.

Fully serviced and load tested.

Full service history well maintained

Part exchange considered.

Installation service is also available.

Ready for work.

£3500 +VAT

2006 20kva Yanmar Diesel Generator on a trailer
| Ref #: 20d602c87c98
HFA Removals
We bought this new (unused) 5 months ago, and it has seen very little use (only being to site on one occasion).
Stored and transported in the enclosed (and secure) double axle trailer (included). Some work may be required to trailer to ensure worthiness (tyres) before winning bidder transports away from our unit.

We also had some remedial works completed to the trailer -
  • Installation of 3 x 230v/16A wall mounted commando socket outlet powered from generator
  • Installation of 1 x 400v/32A/3ph+N+E interlocking wall mounted commando socket outlet powered from generator
(Invoice available for this work on request - totals £540.00)

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£4000 +VAT

AKSA APD22PE Diesel Generator
| Ref #: 0b24a4cd6fb8
  • Year 2005 15 kva Slient Diesel Generator F G Wilson Lister engine with Leroy Sumner Alternater
  • 3500 hours
  • Single phase
  • Has been passed with 2014 regulations, high spec machine with plenty of safety devices fitted
  • Built in diesel tank inside
  • Very good and reliable machine
  • Fully serviced and load tested
  • Very good and quite machine for its age
  • Full service history well maintained
  • Part exchange considered
Installation service is also available.

£2700 +VAT

15kva silent diesel Generator
| Ref #: 4d724d8ff4fa
  • 12 KVA
  • Made in 80's
  • 1000 Hours
  • 400 Volts
  • 1500 RPM
  • 50 Hz

£1750 +VAT

12 kva generator
| Ref #: 4587695fddf9

Sold Ex Broadcast Generator 12 KVA - Harrogate

Price: £500 VAT Free
Ex BBC outside broadcast 12 KVA generator
Ex BBC outside broadcast generator built in 1978 by GM Power. The engine is a Perkins, or so we were told.

This generator runs, but the unit that regulates the engine speed is faulty. It might be a simple fix for someone who knows how. The engine runs ok, and the alternator generates power when set at the correct speed.

The outside appearance is a bit untidy, but that reflects it's age. The tyres are new, and it tows well. Always kept undercover.

The 63A socket and two 16A sockets are working, but the others have faulty breakers. I have some spares that the buyer can have.

I have a full set of electrical drawings that are available to the buyer, and the manufacturers are still in business.

£500 VAT Free

Ex BBC outside broadcast 12 KVA generator
| Ref #: 8e08a77d982c
Stephill 20 kva roadtow generator
Low hours-1800, Isuzu engine, Serviced every 250 hours, 2 x 32 amp single outlets, 1 x 32 amp 3 phase, 2 x 16 amp plus 110 volt, 110 litre fuel tank, trailer recently serviced, ready for new season

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£2900 +VAT

Stephill 20 Kva Roadtow Generator
| Ref #: 22c6709fdcaa

Sold Froment Magnate Generator - Norwich

Price: £875 VAT Free
Tractor PTO Generator
Froment Magnate generator made in Lincolnshire, England, that's been checked over and tested under load, outputs are 16A, 32A and 63A commando sockets and each have overload protection by MCBs for safety.
Runs at 540 PTO speed and there's a lamp on top that glows when at the correct speed, flashes when too fast or slow.
We've checked the inside of the generator and all is well, had it powering a heater at 63Amps for an hour and there was no noise from the gearbox or any issues at all, I've no doubt this could run continuously without any problem.
Power output 15kVA single phase (approx 65 amps)
Ideal standby power machine for when the mains fail, by using your tractor as the prime mover there's no need to have a generator engine to maintain and service.
The PTO drive shaft is included.
30 day return to base warranty included.

£875 VAT Free

Tractor PTO Generator
| Ref #: e25316f1755a

Sold Genamac 20Kva, Super Silent - Cleveland

Price: £4794 +VAT
20Kva Super Silent Generator
For sale GENMAC 20Kva shelter unit.

This is a super super silent diesel generator, rated at 20kva three phase OR 20Kva single phase.

The machine is a 2003 build and has recorded only 110 hours. It is powered by a 4 cylinder Lombardini water cooled engine coupled to a Meccalte alternator sat on a 2000 litre base fuel tank.

The control panel is a super super silent diesel generator. The output is from a 63amp socket 3 phase or a 63map & 32amp single phase all with overload/ earth leakage protection. We have fully serviced and load tested the machine and it is perfect.

These machine are £25K when new and this one has only done 110 hours.

£4794 +VAT

20Kva Super Silent Generator
| Ref #: bc1093bab607
I am selling my Gen-set trailered Generator
2.3 Perkins engine, Diesel
3phase / 240volts / 110 volts
All working including trip breakers, Just been fully serviced
Ready for work
Possible px with interesting item classic car etc
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£3000 ono VAT Free

Generator 415 3 Phase Single Phase and 110 Volts
| Ref #: 9068b94f1b2c
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