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Froment Magnate generator made in Lincolnshire, England, that's been checked over and tested under load, outputs are 16A, 32A and 63A commando sockets and each have overload protection by MCBs for safety.
Runs at 540 PTO speed and there's a lamp on top that glows when at the correct speed, flashes when too fast or slow.
We've checked the inside of the generator and all is well, had it powering a heater at 63Amps for an hour and there was no noise from the gearbox or any issues at all, I've no doubt this could run continuously without any problem.
Power output 15kVA single phase (approx 65 amps)
Ideal standby power machine for when the mains fail, by using your tractor as the prime mover there's no need to have a generator engine to maintain and service.
The PTO drive shaft is included.
30 day return to base warranty included.

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